Before you read the below FAQs and responses, please take a look at the following step-by-step explanation of the usage of our electric scooters.

  1. Search for a scooter in the map.
  2. Reserve it for 10 minutes by pressing BOOK, and move towards it.
  3. Locate the scooter by pressing the FIND button.
  4. Start the trip by pressing the START button.
  5. Put the helmet on. We have 2 inside the case, you can access them by pressing the OPEN CASE button.
  6. Take the central stand off and press the START | STOP button on the scooter.
  7. If you wish to pause your ride, park it and press the PAUSE button.
  8. Upon reaching your destination, press END and follow the indications on the screen. You have 1 minute to conclude checkout without costs.



WYZE Mobility is a sustainable and shared mobility service that rents 50cc equivalent electric scooters in a free-float format. The rental is made through the WYZE Mobility application (available for iOS and Android), and you only pay for the minutes you use.

The service is available to anyone over the age of 18 holding a driving license or a moped license, in accordance with the applicable Portuguese Law. You can find out more here.

Our initial fleet totals 260 electric scooters, which will grow as we expand our presence within current and into new cities.

You can use our service at any time. The rental is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Of course You can. This is indeed the purpose of our mission. Our scooters are powered by electricity and do not emit CO2, so they are eligible to move in areas of restricted traffic due to pollution.


It’s very simple. Download the App from the App Store or Google Play and register by creating your personal account and following the steps as indicated in the App.

The verification and approval of your account is done by our team within 48 hours after submission of the activation request. However, we do our best to ensure that you are able to use the service as soon as possible, so you may receive your approval in less time.
Please note that approval is always subject to the compliance of all of your documents.

If you wish to cancel your account, please contact us at nocarbon@wyzemobility.com.


After your account is approved and you have entered a valid payment method, which will be charged for your usage of the service, you can start riding our scooters immediately.

A full charge enables you to ride for up to 45 KMs. Please check the autonomy of the scooter you intend to use, and ensure that its range is sufficient to match your upcoming trip´s distance.

We have 2 helmets per scooter, sizes M and L.

  1. Press the “Start” menu to start the ride and unlock access to the topcase.
  2. Remove the helmet(s) and close the topcase.
  3. Remove the central stand. Simply use the body movement to push the scooter forward by holding one hand on the handlebar and another on the holder of the topcase.
  4. Press the START | STOP button on the scooter.
  5. Sit comfortably and ride safely.
    Have a nice ride!

You can identify the operating area by the yellow shade visible on the map within the App. We will keep this area updated in line with the market demands as well as with our fleet´s size.

Yes. Only the checkout must occur within the WYZE operating area.

Yes. A Once the desired scooter has been identified in the map, you can book it for up to 10 minutes without charges.

In the App, you can click on the “Find” button and the scooter you have booked will have the turning lights activated for a few seconds.

You have 1 minute to conclude checkout without costs. Ensure to observe the following steps:

  1. Upon reaching your destination, make sure you are within WYZE´s operating area. You will not be able to end your trip outside that area.
  2. Be sure to park in a dedicated place for motorcycles, and turn off the engine.
  3. Place the central stand. As when removing it, simply use the body movement to pull the scooter back holding one hand on the handlebar and another on the holder of the topcase.
  4. Put the helmet (s) back in the topcase and close it.
  5. Press END and follow the indications on the screen.


WYZE Mobility vehicles are charged to the User by the minute of usage, and the price per minute is of € 0,25 (VAT included).
An initial charge of € 1 is being applied presently, which allows the User to travel the first 4 minutes without any extra cost.
Currently, the price while in pause mode is of € 0,25 (VAT included). Pausing a trip allows the User to keep the scooter exclusively for her/him during the pause, and also enables the User to do so outside of the geofence.

The price includes battery, insurance, helmets, hairnets and maintenance.

You can use any valid payment card (credit or debit card).
Note: When using a merchant card generated through MB Way, make sure it has not been used in other services.

Yes, you can buy packages of minutes through our website and at our Lisbon home, at Rua das Janelas Verdes, 128C.

We are integrated at Unobvious Lab, a multi-concept space that aggregates around us a coworking, an art gallery, a decoration store, a place to enjoy great breakfast, brunch and drinks and, above all, instigates networking and entrepreneurship on a constant basis with the purpose of generating long-lasting relationships and breed new and impacting businesses.


In the event of an accident, please contact our support via telephone or WhatsApp +351 910 290 800 (within operating hours) or by email at nocarbon@wyzemobility.com.
Inside the topcase, you will find an accident report form (“declaração amigável”). Please fill it out and send it to us within 48 hours after the event to nocarbon@wyzemobility.com.

In the event of damage to the scooter, the user is responsible for the repair costs as described in our Terms and Conditions.

The entire fleet of WYZE scooters is duly insured with Civil Responsibility in accordance with the Portuguese Law´s requirements. You can consult the specific terms applicable in our website at www.wyzemobility.com.

Please report the situation immediately via telephone, WhatsApp or e-mail, and choose another scooter available around your location.

According to the Terms & Conditions of Service, the User is responsible for ensuring a constant internet connection between the mobile device and WYZE´s service. Before you start a ride, please make sure your phone has enough battery to complete the trip.

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Please contact us through our Support Service.